How horses can teach us about present moment

The other day I was working with a client in the herd and the horses had become very still whilst having a doze, the environment was calm and the sunshine was out making it a very pleasant day. We were about 100 meters from the herd at this point as we were transitioning into being with the herd from talking. We then noticed a fox casually trotting up to the horses and walking through them. The horses didn’t pay any attention to the fox and the fox wasn’t concerned by them, they all continued with their business. This was a beautiful example of how being present and quiet enough in ones self allowed each other to know exactly what the others intent was in that moment. 
Watching this example I suggested we do the same as the fox turned and was starting to make their way in our direction whilst sniffing at the hedge rows. Within minutes the fox was a couple of feet away from us as we stood still like statues just taking in the environment. The fox walked up to the rabbit holes near us and started peeing in them then paused whist they looked at us before continuing. It was such a humbling experience to be in such close proximity to a wild fox and such a beautiful demonstration of how quietening ourselves down enough enabled such an opportunity to occur.

When I cast my mind back to the days of working in riding schools and mucking out 15 horses every day then riding 5 or 6 of them one after the other, the contrast is so different. I seemed to accept that was what you did in the horse world and there is nothing wrong with that if it suits you but I felt something was missing. The constant doing and running from one job to the next kept me disconnected from myself, to allowing myself to just connect to me and the horses and be with that. It was like I couldn’t be still but I didn’t know why.
As I gradually changed my perspective of what I was doing with the horses I realised how much they had to offer and how much of them and their characters I had missed when I was the one dictating everything we did… 

The scene in the picture here has become my normal, hanging out with horses! Why? Because there is nothing better than being amongst horses and being enveloped by their calm presence when they are in a place of no stress from demands being made of them!
In this place they show you what it truly means to be in the present moment, it is a meditation in itself that leaves you feeling centered, clear and connected not only with them but with yourself also! Not only this but when you allow yourself to just be with them in this space you also start to notice nature in a different way and the quieter you become the more nature reveals itself.

We have created an environment which allows for the horses to live out 24/7 and not need stabling, shoes, rugs etc. They have over 100 acres to roam in and live as a herd of 14 who live out all year round and are no longer ridden. People join us for workshops and retreats where they get to spend time soaking up the atmosphere and coming back to self as they quieten down in themselves, and the horses choose if they want to connect or not.

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