About us

Intuitive Horse is based at New Coghurst Farm near Hastings East Sussex. It is a family run farm, hay making, sheep grazing and the Intuitive Horse work make up daily life at the farm.


Intuitive Horse was developed through a combination of Emma's own personal development and gaining awareness in how her behaviours, mind beliefs and emotions were affecting the relationship she had with her horses as well as years of experience working with horses and teaching people how to ride. She observed that a horses’ behaviour would change from person to person and that the horse tended to respond directly to a persons’ emotional state, regardless of riding ability. For example, when a horse is ‘acting up’ and appears to be naughty it is more than likely responding to the feelings/behaviours of its rider (or else expressing discomfort) and much like an infant who can’t speak it makes it’s behaviour louder to get our attention. 


Having witnessed the positive impact horses can have on someone’s life Emma sought to provide a stimulating learning experience for others and now offers a range of Intuitive Horse programmes including private one on one sessions workshops and 3 day retreats. All work with the horses is done from the ground (no riding is involved) so absolutely no previous experience with horses is necessary.



Most of the horses that live at Intuitive Horse initially came for some form of rehabilitation. This was often after all other avenues of care and treatment had been exhausted. However they got here they are all doing well and now have a permanent residency at intuitive horse where they work with people on many different levels. None of our horses are ridden or over worked and all have a special programme which ensures their needs are met at all times.

Our horses live out as a herd all year round in a natural environment, they are all bare foot and don't wear rugs allowing them to live as nature intended.