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Have you ever dreamt of having your own horse?  Or would you like to spend more time with horses but can’t find a way of doing this other than your hourly riding lesson?

We are offering limited spaces for 3 people to join us and our other ‘adopters’ at Intuitive Horse. Adopt a horse means you adopt one of our horses for a morning or afternoon a week and build a relationship with a horse, from the ground, on a regular basis whilst learning about horse behaviour and communication and receiving regular lessons. This gives you an opportunity to go on a journey with not only a horse but yourself at the same time!


What can I do on my adopt a horse day?


At an agreed time you come down to see your horse. As our horses live out in the field 24/7 you have an opportunity to spend time with your horse in the field with the rest of the herd. This is a lovely way to observe and learn about horse behaviour as well as spend time bonding with your adopted horse. Surrounded by nature it is a lovely way to

spend time away from the fast pace life can demand from us.


You will have a session each week with Emma and a detailed discussion will take place before you start your adoption and before each session as to how you wish to progress.


The type of sessions you might have are an I.H. 1-1 session focusing on your personal development, Learning horse communication- natural horsemanship type work which incorporates personal development or being involved in your horses training programme which includes therapies for horses. You can rotate between the different types of session. * Please note, we do not offer riding, our approach is all about developing a relationship with the horse from the ground.*


After your time with the horse you may like to stay on and get involved in farm life, you are very welcome to do this and to get involved in activities such as hay making in the summer and feeding horses extra feed in the winter months!


By adopting one of our horses you commit to an ongoing partnership between you and the horse through all the seasons of the year.

You are asked to pay the adoption fee at the beginning of each month, ideally by standing order. If for some reason you can’t make a week we roll that day over to another week so you don’t lose a day and payment remains the same. Your payment helps towards looking after your horse!


We offer two types of adoption:


 Option 1 

  • Hour and a half session every week with Emma and your adopted horse
  • Hour and a half with the herd

Total time per week 3 hours


This share is suited to people with some horse experience or who have done some Intuitive Horse work before.

Cost £180 (works out at £45 a week)


Option 2

  • Three hour session every week, this is often broken down into two different sessions which includes time with the herd. Once more competent herd time can be increased.

Total time per week 3 hours

This share is available to anyone, in particular it would suit people with no horse experience as Emma stays with you the whole time,  progression to move to an option 1 share is possible once the person has become competent around horses. This is discussed individually with Emma


Cost- £225 (works out at £56.25 a week)

Please get in touch via email or ring Emma on 07825 036 301



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