Working with children and Adolescents




This work is especially good for children and adolescents. It provides a safe space for them to explore and learn about themselves- emotional and behavioural. We believe the best way to learn this is through experiential learning so the individual discovers what does and doesn't work for them giving them a sense of empowerment. Working outside in nature and with horses creates a very natural and calm environment to explore themselves in. By understanding emotions, relationship dynamics and behaviours from a young age helps to increase confidence in all areas of their life thus helping the individual to embrace and strive to do what they want to do with their life.


We work with children from the age of 8 upwards, however, depending on the child we do sometimes work with younger children so please get in touch to discuss further. Parent/guardian are present at all times throughout the session.


We work 1-1 with adolescents either with the guardian present or not- this is the young person and parents choice. There are also times when it is useful for parent/guardian and child/teenager to work together and this is decided by the teenager,parent and facilitator.

Family sessions

We work with family groups to help resolve/develop relationship dynamics.

Groups for adolescents

We also run small group workshops and courses for teenagers to help them develop in their self-awareness, confidence/self-esteem,social interaction, boundaries, emotional intelligence and management and calming/quietening the mind techniques.

** Next mini series of workshops start in April.Please click here to see more information on our upcoming workshops.**


It may be best for your teenager to experience this work in some 1-1 sessions before joining a group depending on their situation and this will be discussed at the time of enquiry.


Testimonial- "I wanted to let you know, how very valuable Grace found her sessions with you and your lovely horses. It has really helped her to understand that how she is with people, can have a big impact on how people will react to her - such an important concept to grasp."


Gillian Southall (Mother of 17 y.o.)



Vulnerable children and adolescents

We work with vulnerable children and adolescents either on a 1-1 basis or in groups. If you are an organisation and would like to arrange a day or half a day workshop for a group in your care please get in touch to discuss and we can create something bespoke to suit your needs.


Please email or phone us to discuss further.



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