Who would find this work beneficial?

The answer is anyone! Male, female, adult or teenager, even families
Why might someone book onto a retreat or 1-1 session?
If you are:
-Looking to experience something new.
-Have a love of horses, nature and the outdoors.
-Looking for something to help you relax and unwind.
-If you are interested in your personal development and wellbeing.
-Looking for some 'ME' time.
-Have a specific issue you are wanting to address.
-Interested in horses/have a horse and are interested to learn more about the horse human relationship without riding.
How can Intuitive Horse help?
-Can help people with fears of horses/animals.
-Personal reflection.
-Can help you find answers to personal situations you may be feeling a little lost with.
-Helps to quieten your mind down.
-Gives you tools to take away and use in every day life that help towards managing self awareness of your behavioural,emotional and mind states. 
-Gives you an opportunity to relax and slow down from the fast pace of life. 
-Helps you gain confidence and self-esteem.
Can Intuitive Horse help with conditions and disorders?
As this work focuses on behaviours and internal awareness of our feeling states this work can be helpful for people with specific conditions.
This work can support and compliment therapies you might already be receiving. A consultation over the phone to gain an understanding of your situation first is essential. We have worked with people with OCD, stress, depression, grief, anorexia/eating disorders, anxieties, schizophrenia, sexual abuse, people with low self-esteem, special needs, DID, ADD,ADHD and would be happy to work with anyone with conditions which aren't listed here also.
Please note, you do not have to be receiving therapy from else where if you have any of the above, we would be happy to work with most cases but if you are seriously struggling with any of the above we have observed how beneficial it can be to work with us as well as receive therapy from another source. We are very happy to discuss all this with you over the phone.