Intuitive Horse Facilitator training programme.


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The I.H. Concept:  This is a process by which individuals work with horses to assist them in their personal development through experiential learning whilst being in direct relationship with a horse. This can be done through 1-1 sessions, working with the herd, retreats and workshops. There is a particular emphasis on learning how to quieten the mind and 'be' in a present moment state as well as working with emotional awareness.


Having a herd of 15 horses who live out all year round in as natural an environment as possible allows I.H. to be able to offer a variety of ways to access learning from the horses. Our work is always facilitated with high integrity for the horse and their welfare and this is taught in the I.H.F. training to participants.



Aim of I.H.F. Training:  The course will train people in an understanding and skills required of the I.H. technique to facilitate a 1-1 session with 1 client and 1 horse and setting up their own practice.


The Training: A 14 month Intuitive Horse Facilitator (I.H.F.) training course- with an option to progress to an advanced Intuitive Horse qualification in a second phase of training.


The main areas the I.H.F. Training focuses on:

Understanding the Horse's perspective 

Understanding the Human's perspective

Understanding the role of being a facilitator

Relationship between Horse and Client

Relationship between Horse, Facilitator and Client


The course is divided up into three five day training blocks as well as completing assignments and case studies in-between modules. Individual coaching via phone/skype takes place between modules.There will be a further two days at the end of the training in which participants will undergo an assessment at I.H.


What participants will achieve at the end of their training:

Upon successful completion of the training participants will be awarded a certificate of competency and will be able to use the following letters after their name to show this- I.H.F. (Intuitive Horse Facilitator ). They will be able to become a fully insured I.H. facilitator to facilitate 1-1 sessions with insurance company Balens (

Participants who keep their training up to date will be listed on the I.H. website as fully insured I.H. Facilitators.



CPD (continued professional development) is an annual requirement to maintain qualification and will consist of a minimum of 1 days training at I.H. 


Further training to progress to an advanced level focuses on working with groups with one horse or more and working in a herd of horses. Participants must have a minimum of 6 months practice as a qualified facilitator before enrolling.


Requirements: In order to qualify for the I.H.F. training participants will need:


  • To attend a minimum of one three day retreat and a minimum of three individual sessions at Intuitive Horse.
  • Some Personal Development - submitted as part of application. This will be discussed at time of 1-1 interview.
  • The participant must be competent around horses in their handling skills and will be asked to demonstrate this successfully during their interview. This can be done via video/skype. (we can help train people in this area if necessary)
  • Could be beneficial if participant has experience in complimentary therapies or therapy or coaching- but this is not a pre-requisite.
  • Participant must have their own horses or regular access to horses to complete case studies throughout training and continue working with afterwards.
  • Participant will need to have a first aiders certificate by module 2.


Who trains the participants:

Emma Ross-Owner and founder of Intuitive Horse has been working with people and horses in this way for over 7 years and has over 30 years experience with horses. 

Emma works in facilitating training days for corporate clients, running 3 day personal development retreats and workshops and works with people in a 1-1 capacity in areas such as personal development, anxiety, depression, stress, anorexia, special needs, adolescents, looked after children, people with fears of horses, people wanting to further their connection with horses, therapists and other professionals.

Emma will be bringing in guest speakers at certain points during the course to educate participants in their specialised fields.

An external examiner chairs the exam board at the end.




Training dates for course-2017/2018 


May 24th-28th 2017

September 13th-17th 2017

March 28th- April 1st 2018

July 14th-15th 2018


Training dates for course- 2018/2019


May 23rd-27th 2018

September 12th-16th 2018

March 27th-31st 2019

July 20th-21st 2019




Cost: £4,000- Different payment options available


Testimonial from our first qualified I.H. Facilitator about the training:

"I only properly got into horse owning 6 years ago, before that I was a keen but only occasional riding school rider, not having my own horse or having much knowledge about them either. 6 years on I’ve qualified as a facilitator of Intuitive Horse and have small herd of 3 horses. As I look back over the course I am only now fully realising just how much Emma’s training is way beyond what it seems to be on the surface (which is already incredible). Over the years spent with Emma on her retreats and then on the I.H. facilitator course I have learned to read horses and understand their language. Emma has taught me a pure and respectful way of being around these beautiful creatures and helped me to understand their core nature and their ways of communicating. Once you can read a horse, everything changes in how you relate to them. I used to look to ‘natural training methods’ for guidance when I first set out as a horse owner, but now I don’t see them as natural at all. Learning to read the subtlest of signals a horse gives as communication has allowed me to understand them at a profound level and also to find my own way to communicate with them, without the need for methods or training aids. I have learned a different way to be around horses and to allow them to be themselves around me. I can’t recommend this course enough, whether you become a facilitator or not it is a training that will truly enrich your life." Midi Fairgrieve


For further information and an application form please get in touch at 07825 036 301



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