I.H. in the community

I.H. in the community is focused on working with groups such as:

  • Voluntary organisations
  • Charities
  • Foster children and carers
  • Community groups


If you are an organisation and interested in bringing some of the people in your care to experience our work please get in touch. We can offer bespoke packages to suit your clients needs on an individual basis and as an organisation.


Occasionally we gain access to funding to offer specific groups of people our services, keep an eye on this page for updates of funding we may have.


OR as an organisation you may be able to apply for funding to access our services yourselves. Please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.


Testimonial from the chair to East Sussex Foster Care Association after a years project we ran for them which gave 20 children and young people x6 1-1 sessions each with the horses in 2016/2017.


"Like every child, Looked After Children need and deserve to feel loved cared for and supported and children entering the care system are no exception.  At the very least these children and young people will be feeling the effects of emotional trauma. Many will have experienced some kind of neglect or abuse in its many guises and are very likely to be dealing with the aftermath of witnessing domestic violence. Unsurprisingly, these children often also feel a sense of abandonment and carry the burden of a low self-esteem which makes fitting in with their more fortunate peer group a struggle.


Alongside the importance of stability and building consistent and trusted relationships comes the important question of how best to reach these children.  East Sussex Foster Care Association want Looked After Children to know that they can recover from past trauma and develop every talent, attitude, quality and characteristic needed to reach their potential, succeed in life and build an incredible future.  


By working with Intuitive Horse young people and their carers have been astounded at just how effective it can be for a young person (watched by their carer) to develop an emotional connection to one of these beautiful animals.  Trusting others may come naturally to some but when you have been hurt young people can become fearful of making relationships and can struggle to be around others. Many foster carers reported that it was as if the horse understood the vulnerability of the young person and was drawn to them quite ‘intuitively’ as the name of this marvelous project suggests. Creating a bond over time with the horse has enabled many young people involved in this project to get in touch with their own feelings and start to rebuild their own self-worth as they begin to see the horse as a friend who accepts them unconditionally."


Susanne Beesley 

Chair to East Sussex Foster Care Association 




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