This is a course for people who have horses in their life, who are aware there is more to our relationship with horses than just riding and training and want to take a more natural intuitive approach to building an authentic connection with their horse. 


In this online training we'll cover how to create an authentic and trusting relationship with your horse based on honouring your horse's natural instincts and working with your mind state and feelings.  


What you will learn: 

  • Learn ways of being with your horse from the ground that enhance a natural connection between you
  • Learn how to become aware of how you are influencing your horse's behaviour
  • Learn how to start changing your mindset and how the way to create a trusting relationship with your horse starts with your mind
  • Become aware of why you do what you do with your horse, discover how some of those decisions are being influenced and why some of them may not be necessary
  • Learn how to be more emotionally responsible around your horse and why this is important
  • Learn how working with self-awareness improves the communication between you and your horse and increases your bond and trust with each other
  • Learn ways to spend time with your horse in a way both you and they will love and which is more aligned to their natural way of being
  • Learn how ensuring your horse is able to exhibit natural behaviours does wonders for your relationship with them


When we start to see horses as the sentient beings they are we start to recognise they can help us with our personal growth too, this is a game changer for the relationship and creates a shift from doing to the horse to learning how to receive from the horse and work TOGETHER!


So if you are drawn to letting go of the struggle with control as you know it around horses (through tack, whips, physical strength etc) and want to gain control of your behaviours and emotional and mind state instead to enable you to have the connection you desire with your horse, you know the one you either dreamt of as a child but somehow lost as you got older or perhaps never even found, OR if you are looking to deepen the connection you already have....then come and find out how Rewilding with my Horse is a game changer for both you and your horse!




BONUS! There is an area by each video which allows you to write questions, if you are unsure about something you can write your question there and I will personally respond.

BONUS! Life time access to the course. This means you can revisit the videos anytime you like. (please note, this does not include the webinars)

BONUS! FREE downloadable journal to enhance your experience. 




 Q.Will the exercises you share effect our other training.

A.The short answer to this is no however, you may find your mindset shift a bit when you do this course as it is largely about your self awareness, this in turn may make you want to review your training programme. If anything the course will enhance your training as the exercises should help (when practiced regularly) to increase your awareness of your behaviours as well as your horses. The more aware you are of your moods and behaviour, the more aware you become of how you are impacting the relationship/interaction with your horse.


 Q.My horse is currently lame, is this something I could do with my horse whilst she is out of action?

A..Absolutely, this course is perfect for that scenario as it doesn’t demand anything from the horse other than to be themselves. It is the human who is doing all the work!


Q. I ride regularly is this course about not riding?

 A.This course is a self-development course for the person, the exercises shared are for the person to do and the horse benefits as a result. We do not talk about how to apply the exercises when riding on the course BUT many of the exercises are easily transferable to when you ride if you are looking to develop your relationship in the saddle as well as on the ground.


 Q. What do you mean by this being a personal development course for the owner and will I be asked personal questions about my life?

 A. Personal development is about raising awareness for how you think, feel and behave, by being aware you can have choice for how to interact and show up with others (including your horse) and with the relationship you have with yourself. Whilst this course may ask some questions that you feel are personal, it’s ok because the course is for you to do in the privacy of your own home at your own pace.