The wind, a meditation with the horses

The wind ,
Do you brace against it or feel energised?...
Is it a force that knocks you from your core or does it enable you to connect even deeper?...
The wind... a metaphor for how you deal with external forces...
How do you react?

The horses are out in the elements all year round and find ways to shelter from the weather at times, at other times to be a part of it. 
Having an external force around them, in this instance the wind, how do they cope if it is persistent and strong and cold and what if there is rain with it too? Maybe they get irritated, maybe they just accept it...

When we have an external force around us, a strong one, whether that is the elements or maybe people, our job etc. Do you allow them to pull you out of your peace/your core or are you able to connect deeper to your self and respond in a favourable way that doesn't compromise you?

Enjoy contemplating this with the horses in this meditation!

Present moment with Ruedi

Take 3 minutes out to sit and be present with Ruedi as he dozes. Notice your breath and slow it down as you listen to the bird song and sounds, allow yourself to be completely present with him. Enjoy 

IH vlog 3- April 2020

IH Vlog 2- March 2020

Intuitive Horse Vlog 1

In my vlogs I share our rewilding journey both with the land, ourselves and our horses and how it has changed our relationship. In our first vlog- February 2020 see how we cope in the last month of Winter, how we feed and care for the horses, how we deal with the storms as well as starting to be introduced to some of the herd!

Take 3 minutes out of your day to get present and enjoy the bird song and sound of horses sleeping

Take 3 minutes out of your day to get present and enjoy the bird song and sound of horses sleeping. Notice how you feel in your body when you give yourself permission to just STOP what you are doing and BE in the moment whilst you watch this. Horses are experts at being in the moment and it is one of the reasons I love spending time with them in their environment and on their terms, it is so calming amongst many other things! If you would like to come and spend time with the herd and learn from them what ‘being’ really means and you are interested to learn about horse behaviour then check out our 1 day workshops

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Hanging out with the horses whilst they eat their hay on a winters morning

Our herd exploring their new environment for the first time

Some testimonials from out trainee facilitators.