A one day personal development and restoration retreat with horse and sound therapy 


A personal development, sound therapy and restoration one day retreat, deep in nature surrounded by and connecting with a herd of 14 horses and 2 donkeys.


The past year has brought about changes on many different levels for people and as we emerge out of lockdown, adapt to new ways and let go of life as we knew it before the pandemic, it may be feeling a bit turbulent.


This one day retreat invites you to a day of relaxation and connecting with what you need as you move forward.


Through a combination of ceremonial teas, sharing round the fire pit, time with the herd and experiencing sound sessions; the day offers you the opportunity for:

  • Reflection on how the past year has affected you
  • Setting new intentions coming out of lockdown
  • Taking time to really listen to yourself and identify your needs
  • Connection with yourself and others
  • Relaxation and restoration

Everything around us is vibrating at a frequency, whether you hear it or not. We will be using vibrational sound and frequency to encourage an altered state of consciousness where the body can release tension and deeply relax.


Sound therapy is a gateway into meditation, encouraging brainwaves into a theta state which is experienced in the early stages of sleep, during enhanced creativity, deep relaxation and meditation.

It can also encourage even deeper relaxation into delta brainwaves which are thought to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone released by adrenals in the fight flight response.

You will experience a variety of sound instruments from deeply relaxing crystal bowls through to grounding ceremonial instruments.



In-between the sound sessions you will be guided to join the herd in their environment. You will have the opportunity to learn how to spend time with horses in a way that allows you to connect with them on their terms whilst experiencing how their way of living can offer insights for you on a personal development level. Being amongst horses is a very grounding, calming and embodied experience which offers an opportunity for listening and connecting to your self on a deep level.


Your facilitators for the day:


Maria Christofi has been practicing acupuncture and energy healing for 25 years with thriving practices in both London and Hastings.
A further deepening of her healing practice led to the study of sound therapy at the British Academy of Sound Therapy and she now weaves this into her practice exploring new frontiers of healing.

Instagram handle @acupuncture_is_alchemy


Emma Ross is an embodiment coach and the founder of Intuitive Horse- an approach to helping people with their personal development through spending time with horses and nature. See here for more information.




No horse experience is needed to attend the retreat, however if you think you might be nervous around horses please mention this at the time of booking so we can assess if this retreat is right for you this time (we can offer private 1-1 sessions to help people overcome fears of horses).


Covid-19 guidelines will apply throughout the retreat. Please see our policy on the booking form.


Date 2nd July 9.30-4.30/5pm


Cost £150

Please email us for a booking form