Care for you, Care for them package

Our Care for you, Care for them package is an opportunity to get up close and 'come behind the scenes' with me at Intuitive Horse.

I am inviting 3 people to come and join me twice a month (fortnightly) for 3hrs per session to spend time with the herd whilst also learning how to care for them in our natural and unique way.


I will teach you about

  • The best mind state to be in when around them and how that can help you in other areas of your life too.
  • Working with emotional self-awareness around them to enhance communication, connection and to keep safe.
  • How to communicate with them and listen to them.
  • Understanding horse behaviour.
  • How to care for them according to our routine here at Intuitive Horse.



The kind of practical things you will be able to get involved in are:

  • Feeding them once we start our Winter feeding routine.
  • Brushing them, we don't do a lot of brushing here as they live out all year round and need their coats to protect them from the elements but there are some things we do to ensure they are well and happy (they also enjoy some hands on grooming too!)
  • Learning some of the massage and energetic practices I use with them to aid them in their healing and wellbeing
  • Helping with day to day care and management depending on the time of year.

As I am going to be teaching you how to care for them, you will be getting up close and therefore developing relationships with them too so for this reason I ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment. This is so that the horses don't constantly have new people coming into their space and working with them in this way. It is also to give you the opportunity to properly learn and integrate our practice.



We will be in a small group but as you become more confident and familiar with what we are doing there will be lots of opportunity to be in your own space with the herd/horses.


You will also need to be an early riser to get involved with this. We will start at 8am-11am.


If you are interested please get in touch to tell us what days you could be available for this and we will try to find a mutual day to create a group of you to come. 




How it works:


We ask for a monthly fee of £175 (that works out at just under £90 a session!)

This covers the two 3hr sessions a month.

We ask for you to pay at the beginning of each month and if you want to continue for more than 3 months we are very open to this!


Our promise

With Covid-19 being so uncertain right now, anyone who commits to this then has to self isolate or if we enter a lockdown situation, you will be able to roll over the missed days to when you are able to join us again.