Donkey time!

Our resident donkeys Honey and Spartacus have been with us for two years. They LOVE interacting with people and have slightly different requirements to the horses with their environment and diet.

They love spending time with people so we decided to create 'donkey time!' 

Come and spend an hour getting to know them and learn about their likes and dislikes whilst grooming and spending time with them.


These sessions are not the typical IH personal development sessions although we do work with self awareness around the donkeys, the main focus for these sessions is to connect with them and offer them some grooming time.( Opportunities to get involved with other aspects of their care also!)




Spending time with the donkeys is guaranteed to :

  • Brighten your day
  • Help you to feel calm and relaxed
  • Teach you how to interact with them and learn a bit about donkeys!


It is guaranteed to make the donkeys feel good and calm and relaxed also! a win win for both!


Sessions are for an hour and cost £30

If there are two of you (maximum number) it will cost £15 each.

Either bring a friend/loved one and contact us with some dates you could attend OR register your interest and we will try and match you up with someone else wanting to attend.

....Of course you can come on your own if you would prefer.