Equestrian services

Our 3 day retreats are suitable for horse owners/ trainers etc. You will work with our horses on the retreats but be able to take what you learn and use it with other horses. The exercises we work through on the retreats will compliment and enhance your relationship with other horses. 3 day retreats


Emma is available for one off consultations or on going sessions depending on your needs.

Using techniques from Intuitive Horse Emma helps you find your answers as well as offering advice.
You may find a session with Emma can help if: 
-You are wanting to develop the relationship between you and your horse
-You want to become more aware of how your horse is reading you.
-You want to understand your horse and his needs better.
-You want to further your knowledge in horse behaviour and communication.
-Your horse has behavioural problems.
-Your horse has physical problems and your unsure how to manage them.
-Your unsure of the next step to take in your relationship/training with your horse.
-You feel you have lost some of your confidence around your horse/riding.
-You feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back with your horse either in your training or relationship.
-You need some help/advice with the management side of things with your horse.
Emma has been around horses since the age of 6. Competeing all through her teens in mainly show-jumping but also some Dressage and one day eventing Emma went on to gain her BHSAI instructor qualification and then went on to run a busy London based riding school. She also worked riding and training horses for a horse dealer and assisting in emergency veterinary transport call outs for horses.
In the last decade Emma has devoted her time to exploring the horse human relationship both with herself and her horses and with others which is the result of the Intuitive Horse work.
The facilities at Intuitive Horse mean we can accommodate people bringing their own horses to us for short stays to work with Emma. If you live locally Emma is happy to travel to you.
Please ring or email to enquire, we look forward to hearing from you.  

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