Following the Herd's Lead 2 day retreat

Our 2 day Following the Herd's Lead retreat allows us to follow in the footsteps of the Herd, learning from them in their natural setting and reaping the benefits of being in nature and living alongside them for the 2 days.


These 2 days are a longer experience of our 3hr Following the Herd's lead mini workshops which we offer. 


By immersing ourselves in the Herd's environment (whatever the weather) we can learn so much as we start to understand their behaviours and ways of being. Horses are masters at helping us learn about Present Moment and what that truly means as well as developing a deeper level of self awareness with ourselves if we allow them to show us.


By learning how to get present and be alongside them for a prolonged period of time, you will learn about your own mind and the internal struggles you may have, you will be able to slow down and feel into being truly in the here and now and experience why that is important for the human mind.


By learning how to quieten the mind and live more in the now it can help with developing your levels of resilience, lowering anxiety, lifting low moods, it can also help you find calm and peace within.


Over the two days we will work alongside and within the herd and surrounding nature. This retreat invites you to camp here with us to allow the full immersion of nature and the opportunity to switch off from technology.We will even cook you a vegan dinner over our camp fire.


If you think you would be interested to join us on our first 2 day Following the Herd's Lead then check out the dates in our calendar and send us an email to resave you place as we are only taking a very small group for this. Once you have registered your interest in this with us and we know when lockdown is being lifted we will get in touch to take deposits.