Yoga and personal development with the herd 1 day retreat



A one day retreat combining the healing powers of Equine Assisted Personal Development and Yoga.


This day is being offered to anyone, whether you are  experienced in yoga or a beginner. The day will offer yoga (classical Hatha), pranayama and meditation at various times throughout the day alongside the work we offer with the horses.


The day is an opportunity for participants to come and explore personal development through engaging with the herd whilst experiencing deep relaxation through the yoga practices. We will be outside all day but have the option to move under cover for yoga should it start to rain. 






The day offers an opportunity to:

  • Work with your body physically, emotionally and energetically
  • Learn from the herd to facilitate your personal growth
  • Experience deep relaxation
  • Quieten the mind
  • Become present and grounded
  • Work with deep breathing exercises whilst surrounded by nature                                                                                

The day will be led by founder and facilitator of the Intuitive Horse approach Emma Ross and by Yoga teacher Janice Kate Fisher, also proprietor of Light Yoga Space. 


What you will need to bring:

  • Yoga mat or a blanket/towel if you don't have one
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Wellies
  • Waterproof clothing (waterproof trousers are recommended) 
  • Clothing appropriate for the weather, bring warm clothes!
  • Indoor shoes/sippers/socks for entering the indoor barn
  • Water

Saturday 9th October 9-4pm