1-1 sessions



Intuitive Horse sessions

We offer private sessions either working with one horse or with the herd. Working with horses in the I.H. way gives you space to connect to self, horses and nature.

When spending time with horses they often highlight people's behaviour and internal states, this can assist with helping people to gain more understanding of themselves on many levels.


An intuitive Horse session will help you with:

  • Becoming more aware of your emotions, behaviours and mind states
  • How your environment responds to your emotional state
  • Listening and trusting your own intuition
  • Connection with self
  • Helping to bring you into a more present moment state
  • Quietening the mind chatter
  • Working through personal issues
  • Can give you life skills to take away


Your first session will be for an hour and a half, this includes a consultation. You will work with one horse and a facilitator who will be there to support you through the whole experience.

We recommend a further 3 sessions to assist you through your process. We then review how/if you would like to continue. However it is fine to come for a one off session or for less than the recommended amount.


Sessions can progress to working with the herd when both client and facilitator feel happy to do so.


No horse experience is necessary. People with fears of horses are welcome!

First initial session (includes consultation) 90 minutes- £95

Sessions after initial session- 90 minutes- £90

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