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Intuitive Horse sessions


With many recent events changing the world as we know it, we are all feeling change on many different levels, perhaps like we have never felt or seen before. Change in society, lifestyle, health, financial wealth, family etc.


Now more than ever, taking time to work with self-awareness, compassion and empathy both with yourself, others and your personal circumstances is so important to ensure both your mental and physical health.


The horses can offer so much insight and learning for people when it comes to learning and understanding their thoughts and emotional processes, as well as how to become masters of their destiny with learning that is palpable and assists in change.


We offer private sessions either working with one horse or with the herd (currently only with the herd). Working with horses in the IH way gives you space to connect to self, horses and nature and the power of healing in nature should never be under estimated!


 Intuitive Horse sessions can help you with:


  • Going deep and learning about your relationship to yourself as well as your relationships with others.
  • Learning the true art of present moment, both understanding what it means as a concept and how to embody it and  apply it into every day life. 
  • Becoming more aware of emotions, behaviours, mind states, conditioning and belief patterns.
  • Understanding how your environment responds to your emotions and mind state and how you respond to your environment.
  • Can give you life skills to take away.

If you are looking for transformation as we as a species move through these global changes, then me and the Herd would love to assist you on your journey.




Sessions run in 3 or 6 weekly, fortnightly or monthly blocks for 90 minutes per session (can also be combined with some virtual sessions, email us to discuss a bespoke package)


Cost £285 for 3 sessions OR £535 for 6 sessions 


One off sessions £120


Email us to enquire and book.


No horse experience is necessary. People with fears of horses are welcome but please let us know if you are nervous around horses at the time of booking.