3 day retreats- come and learn how to be with horses!


Over 3 days you work intensively through the I.H. techniques which include group discussions and exercises away from the horses as well as working 1-1 with a horse and spending time being with our herd. This is a truly empowering experience which takes you on a journey of profound self discovery.


By the end of the 3 days you may have:

  • An understanding in emotional responsibility.
  • An awareness in how your environment responds to your emotional state.
  • Become aware of certain patterns in your life which may be presenting themselves to you and how to change them if necessary.
  • A broader self awareness.
  • Trusting and working with your intuition.
  • A knowledge in equine behaviour.
  • Learnt how to 'be' with a horse and in turn with yourself.
  • Learnt how to quieten the mind down.


We only take groups of 4 people at a time to ensure proper attention to each person at all times. Retreats run most months but if you have a small group of people or family members you would like to come and share this experience with, we can book you in on separate dates to suit you.


These retreats are suitable for people both with and without horse experience, we welcome people with fears around horses.

For people training with horses or who have their own, this work will compliment any discipline you train in as it will help enhance your relationship with horses (also see www.rewildingwithmyhorse.com for our online course).


The retreats are non-residential. We can provide a list of local accommodation at the time of booking if you request it.



Cost for the 3 days-£390 if you would like us to provide a vegan lunch then please add £25 for the 3 days. 


Visit our calendar for our 2021 dates!! 

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