3 day retreats- advanced

An exciting 3 days allowing you to indulge in the herd and nature!!!


The 3 day Advanced retreat continues from where the 3 day retreat finishes. Having started to get in touch with your body, emotional development, self-awareness and being in a present moment state; the 3 days help towards developing this further whilst learning about horse behaviour and communication at the same time.


Over the 3 days we spend time in the herd observing and discussing their behaviours, herd dynamics and how they communicate. We then take these learnings and gradually start to learn to communicate with the horse through their language but one that already exists in us also- the felt sense.

The 3 days is made up of time spent in the herd and time spent individually with a horse every day. By exploring and learning their language we start to see many parallels for ourselves in our lives and how we can use what we learn over the 3 days in every day life.


 The knowledge you gain over the 3 days can be continued into your everyday life with lots of tools and techniques to take away with you.


 By the end of the 3 days you will have a more balanced relationship with yourself and your wider environment and will have developed a deeper understanding of horse communication and how the two compliment each other.


Cost for the 3 days is £390 (excludes accommodation and lunch. Please add £25 for a vegan lunch option for the 3 days.) 


**You must have attended the 3 day retreat before booking onto the Advanced 3 days.**


Visit out Booking and Contact Us page to book.

*We can email you a list of local accommodation at the time of booking if requested.*