Looked After Children/Young People with Horses


Intuitive Horse is currently running a project With East Sussex Foster Care Association (ESFCA). The project involves Looked After Children attending 6 sessions individually to help the young person, depending on their needs, explore confidence building, emotional awareness, impulse control, building trust in relationships, learning how to calm themselves, developing empathy and over coming fears.
This project comes off the back of a research project Intuitive Horse did in 2014/2015 with Dr Amelia Roberts- University College of London- a university lecturer and educational researcher to explore confidence building with children/young people via Equine Assisted Personal Development work. Details of the research will be available soon.
Separate to the project with ESFCA Intuitive Horse has been lucky enough to secure a small amount of funding to work with Looked After Children or children from a disadvantaged background and offer them the same experience as described above with ESFCA- 6 sessions, each young person will need to be accompanied by a carer at all times during their sessions. To apply for an application form please email us at info@intuitivehorse.co.uk