Rewilding with my Horse

Rewilding with my Horse


'Developing a deeper and more authentic relationship between you and your horse' 

An online course for people who have horses in their life and who would like to develop the relationship they have with them based on a heart centred self-aware approach. Our course is based on the I.H. method and principles of how our behaviour affects others. This course will help people consider why they do what they do with their horse and how they can improve their relationship.


Rewilding is commonly associated with returning land back to its natural state, allowing nature to dominate rather than using agriculture or any form of human intervention.That is not what we are talking about with this course, instead we are exploring how to ‘rewild’ you and your horse back to your true authentic selves (your natural states) whilst acknowledging the restrictions within domestication. 



This course is for you if you want to: 

-Improve the relationship.
-Develop trust between you and your horse. 
-Increase your and your horse’s confidence with one another.
-Develop your listening and communication skills with your horse.
-Work in a way that acknowledges your horse’s natural behaviours and find ways to do more for your horse that acknowledges these, helping them to feel happier, calmer and safer in their environment and with you.
-Approach the relationship through developing your own self-awareness. 

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