Virtual 1-1 sessions


Whether you have attended sessions here in person before or not these virtual sessions can benefit anyone from anywhere in the world!


Sessions conducted via Zoom or WhatSapp video with Emma and the Herd!






With many recent events changing the world as we know it, we are all feeling change on many different levels, perhaps like we have never felt or seen before. Change in society, lifestyle, health, financial wealth, family etc.


Having worked with horses and nature in EAPD since 2009 I know only to well how the benefits of being with them can enhance our wellbeing and accelerate change. Now more than ever, taking time to work with self-awareness, compassion and empathy both with yourself, others and your personal circumstances is so important to ensure both your mental and physical health.


The horses can offer so much insight and learning for people when it comes to learning and understanding their thoughts and emotional processes, as well as how to become masters of their destiny with learning that is palpable and assists in change.


Although nothing beats coming to work with the herd in person here and being amongst the herd, working with the horses virtually can be incredibly powerful too as those who have experienced this work confirm!


Sessions are bespoke to each individual according to your needs. Through a combination of working live with the herd and exercises and techniques I offer, we will work through what is most suited to your circumstances and what you are trying to achieve.


  • Horses are experts in helping people go deep and learn about about their relationship with themselves as well as their relationships with others.
  • They are expert teachers in showing and teaching us the true art of present moment and both them and I guide you through exercises and experiences to truly understand what it means as a concept, but more importantly with how to apply it into everyday life and integrate it internally to make changes for the better.
  • Horses are also experts in helping us untangle our thoughts and emotions in a no nonsense fashion that so often goes straight to the core of what we are trying to make sense of.


If you are looking for transformation as we as a species move through these global changes, then me and the Herd would love to assist you on your journey!


"I loved working with Emma and the horses in my one on one sessions online. I was surprised how easily it translated to working virtually. It was so helpful for me to explore my patterns and barriers and learning about myself. It supports me in being more present in my every day life. I would highly recommend working with Emma and the horses if you have the chance." Diana


Sessions run in 3 or 6 weekly or fortnightly blocks (can also be combined with attending sessions here, email me to discuss a bespoke package).


Send me an email with any questions and to get started!


Cost currently £240 for 3 sessions OR £450 for 6 sessions