NEW!! Virtual 1-1 sessions


-Continuing to offer sessions for people looking to deepen their personal development or who may be finding the current Corona crisis stressful.


-Whether you have attended sessions here before or not these virtual sessions can benefit anyone!


-Sessions conducted via Zoom or WhatSapp video with Emma and the Herd!


The recent change the corona virus has brought upon the world has led to much disruption in society, lifestyle, health, financial wealth, it has affected everything...


Having worked with horses and nature in EAPD since 2009 I know only to well how the benefits of being with them can enhance our wellbeing. Now more than ever, taking time to be outside in nature might just be the thing that keeps your sanity as many go into isolation and we all adopt social distancing!!


Although nothing beats coming to work with the herd in person here, this is the next best thing- working with us via the web!


Sessions are for an hour and offer you the opportunity to work through anything from:

  • issues that may be troubling you now either personal or professional
  • Wanting to learn new skills to help you build a positive mindset
  • Developing your resilience skills
  • De-stress and managing anxiety exercises 
  • Develop knowledge and understanding around emotional responsibility and how you impact your immediate environment and it impacts you


Whatever your reason I will work with you via the web alongside the herd which means you will get to see them throughout your session.

 Depending on what you are working on at the time I will weave lessons from the herd into the sessions that you can explore as a resource to take away and apply in life alongside other powerful tools I have developed over the years here at IH.


If you are looking for some support and want to bring the horse/nature aspect into it get in touch via email and we can arrange your first session.


A stand alone session can be extremely powerful however, depending on what you want to work on will depend how many sessions will be best for you but I recommend a minimum of 3 as a standard practice to truly reap the benefit of this work.


Special offer £40 for a stand alone session or £35 each if you buy 3 upfront!



Another alternative you might like to consider is joining one of our virtual Herd classes