Virtual Herd Sessions


Whilst we practice social distancing let us bring the herd to your home in our new 4 week webinar sessions....



  • Connection
  • Community
  • Support
  • Tools to help you through this period and for your personal development!

Life as we know it has changed over night...

With so many uncertainties brings stress and anxieties. We are creatures of comfort who do what we know and resist change, often when the change would be better for us.


Livelihoods and health are at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now and with social distancing and self-isolation becoming a part of our lives, for many this may feel overwhelming, lonely, anxiety inducing and stressful. It is important to stay connected with others even if you can’t go out right now...


Our work is all about the outdoors and being a part of nature and what the horses can teach us about ourselves so we have decided to offer a mini series for your self-development to support you through this time and beyond.

We have tried to make it as affordable as possible to reflect the current coronavirus crisis in the hope the price point will be accessible to as many people as possible.


This mini series will have a framework I guide you through giving you tools to help you connect to yourself and de-stress and I will do it all from the field with the herd by my side so you can see them as you and I interact!


Everything we do here at IH is inspired by the horses, so many of the tools and lessons we teach have been shown to me via the horses and I can continue to share these with you via the internet!!


We are now offering an online 4 session mini series to help people learn skillsets in areas of developing self-awareness and how to manage stress.


What you will get from the mini series:

  • Tools that will empower you to move forward and make positive decisions in life 
  • Tools to help you destress and deal with anxiety
  • Tools to help you learn emotional responsibility and how that knowledge can be used to create the world you want to live in (horses are expert teachers at this!)
  • An opportunity to connect with other like minded people (and the Herd!!) and be part of a community 
  • Life time access to a private fb group only for people who attend these mini series


Developing self-awareness and skills to help you keep stress levels low is so important not just for your mental health but for your overall health and right now keeping your mind and body healthy is essential to ensure your immune system stays strong. 



Bonus: The unique part of this mini series is that I will run them from the field live with the herd! ( as long as it isn’t raining or too windy) which means you will be able to see them as we go through this process!


Bonus: As part of the mini series I will also include audio downloads of the two main powerful skillset exercises I share with you so you can continue to be guided and practice them inbetween sessions. You can also have access to a meditation I recorded which features the IH herd grazing and sleeping sounds!!


Bonus: You will have the opportunity to join a private fb group created just for people attending these sessions. There I will share more videos of the herd (sometimes live)and lead you through more meditations/exercises from time to time. Not only that but group members will have the opportunity to interact with other like minded people who love horses, nature and personal development!


The interactive sessions will be for 90 minutes and with a maximum of 6 participants. The sessions will take place via a webinar platform. I will send you the link for it and the idea of doing this in a small group is to not only learn skillsets but also to connect with other like minded people who will support each other through these times. 


 All you will need is either a computer/laptop/ipad or phone that you can tune into the webinar with. You will need a webcam and microphone, most devices have these built in already but best to check before committing.


 £79 that works out at just over £19 per 90 minute session!!


Be one of the first to come on the journey with me and the Herd as we make the transition to virtual sessions!


"The Virtual Herd Workshop helped me a great deal providing me with coping strategies for my anxiety and feelings of isolation during these uncertain times. I am someone who gets so much joy from spending time with nature and being outdoors and I was very surprised how connected I felt with the herd, the natural world and the other participants even though I was sat on the other side of a screen." 
“I am amazed at how powerful these virtual herd experiences are and how real being with the horses in their home fields feels with a strong sense that the horses know we are there with them and gift us their presence. Emma’s skilful guidance and love for each individual horse in the herd makes this an exceptional experience which I would highly recommend”



Fancy joining me and the Herd from your lounge?


Next mini series starts Sunday 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st May 9am


Email us to book now! (


If you can't do this day/time email us to let us know when you could do and we will try to create a couple of groups at different times to accommodate as many of you as possible!


Prefer to work 1-1 with me? Check out our Virtual 1-1 sessions here