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Have you ever....rewilding through horses 1 day workshop

These 1 day workshops explore what it may be like to see things from the horses perspective.

When horses are left to get up to their own devices in a herd in a large space how do they interact? How do they spend their time? What is important to them?


Whilst we may never be able to truly step into our horses ‘hooves’ we can spend time with them in their environment and on their terms to discover how they choose to do things when not being asked to do things by humans.


The day allows participants to gradually, throughout the day quieten down their own mind through various meditations and exercises and move more towards being centered in their body. When the mind is allowed to quieten enough ones perception of their environment often starts to change as we shift more into a present moment state.


Having lived alongside the IH herd for over 10 years I have had the privilege of venturing out with them in all weather conditions all year round and have learnt so much from being able to learn how they cope in the rain, wind, hot sun, with the flies etc. Every season and weather change has a valuable insight and gift to share and the horses teach us this daily if we allow them to do so.


The 1 day workshops are a combination of the participants coming together to be led through meditation exercises and spending time with the herd.



What do you get from the workshop

·     The opportunity to relax, quieten self down and learn tools to do this. 

·     Learn about horse behaviour through observation, experiencing and discussion. 

·     From observing and understanding the horse and by allowing yourself to quieten down you may gain insights into how the horses way of being may be able to help you.

·     If you have your own horse you can take the tools from the workshop and apply them when you are with your horse.

·     The workshop hopes to give you a different perspective on horses and our relationship with them

      Who is the workshop is suitable for?

·     People with horse experience who want to develop their connection and understanding of horses.

·     People with their own horses who are interested in developing their relationship with their horse through physically doing less to them and learning how to coexist together.

·     People without horse experience who have a love for horses and a desire to learn about them and connect.


       Who the workshop isn’t suitable for:


·     People who have any level of fear around horses. 1-1 or 3 day retreats are better suited.

·     People who want to work through personal issues. 1-1 or 3 day retreats are better suited.


The workshop goes ahead no matter the weather so participants should consider this when booking onto a course. Participants need to have waterproof clothing including trousers if it rains and proper warm clothing including gloves, warm hat etc. as there is no turning back once we are out with the horses. There will be breaks throughout the day with vegan refreshments and a warm dry area is available for people to warm up in. If attending in the heat please make sure you bring appropriate clothing to protect you from the sun. 


Cost for the day: £150 

Price includes vegan refreshments and snacks. Please bring own lunch.

Dates: Sept 5th, Dec 6th Spaces available

Time 10am-5pm 






This workshop combines the two therapeutic modalities of Intuitive Horse Equine Assisted Personal Development and Systemic Constellations Coaching with horses. Facilitators Emma Ross (Intuitive Horse) and Shivaun Woolfson (Creative Constellation) have decades of training, coaching and counselling experience between them. You will be guided to:



·     Reconnect with your wild self and nature

·     Experience the wisdom of the herd

·     Establish a heart connection with horses, others and the Self

·     Participate in individual and group systemic constellation

       Connect with ancestral gifts and legacies



 The Intuitive Horse- Equine Assisted Personal Development model helps individuals connect with their true inner states and seek congruence in their lives, while the practise of Systemic Constellations highlights underlying dynamics and patterns within personal,familial and cultural systems. Together, these powerful modalities provide access to insights, reflections and understandings to unblock ‘stuckness,’ promote shift and fuel momentum. 




Date: 3rd August


Cost: £150 Price includes vegan refreshments and snacks. please bring your own lunch




1 day informative workshop for people thinking about setting up an Equine learning business.


Intuitive Horse has teamed up with Equine Affinity to create an information sharing and experiential learning opportunity to help you consider your options.


Drawing upon over 18 years' combined experience of leading Equine Assisted Personal Development work, Equine Affinity and Intuitive Horse have combined forces to set your new business off to a flying start.


The day will include a basic toolkit:

  • The horse selection, well being, emotional and physical safety
  • Clients
  • Setting up/choosing facilities
  • Working partnerships

Choosing the correct methodology

  • Equine training models
  • IH facilitator training model
  • Hurdles and rewards

Paperwork, Pricing, mentoring and promotion

  • Insurance
  • Risk assessments
  • Pricing
  • Supervision
  • Marketing
  • CPD

Consolidation of learning

  • Q&A session
  • Networking
  • After lunch session with the horses for consolidation of your thoughts and grounding

Saturday 4th May Spaces available

Cost £150

Snacks and refreshments provided but please bring own lunch