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Teenage workshops with horses


Intuitive Horse is in collaboration with Equine Affinity to present these teenage workshops:


Managing relationships with friends and family and understanding who you are in them can be tricky.

 We work with horses to help us start to understand more about ourselves, who we are, how we want to be and feel, and how to relate to others. By working with horses whilst considering these things it can help us learn how to manage relationships, manage feelings and start to feel confident.

We are running a series of three half day workshops with small groups of teenagers aged 14-16 years old, to explore these things with the horses. No riding is involved in the workshops, all work with the horses is done from the ground and geared towards how to build a relationship with a horse.

You will learn new tools to take away with you and apply in other areas of your life.


 The introduction workshop is on:

Sunday April 9th-10am-1pm-cost £50

If you enjoy the introduction workshop, then you can then sign up to our mini series:

  1. Saturday 22nd April-2-5pm
  2. Saturday 20th  May-2-5pm
  3. Saturday 10th June-2-5pm

The series costs £150 for the three workshops. All workshops are held at Intuitive Horse.

**No previous experience with horses is necessary. No riding is involved. Please ensure participants wear sturdy footwear and clothing appropriate for being outdoors.**

Equine Affinity- www.equineaffinity.co.uk


Herd days


A 1 day workshop with the herd.


These one day workshops invite you to come and work with the herd.


 Working with the herd quite simply is about reconnecting back with nature and yourself.


As the day progresses we align our-selves to the rhythm of the herds natural pace, helping to bring us into a more present moment time with them rather than being consumed with thoughts and must do’s in our heads.

The day offers exercises to develop personal awareness around horses which can also be extended into every day life. We take time to learn about horse behaviour and how horses relate to one another and how understanding their ways of communicating can help us with ours.


These days are open to anyone 16yrs or over.

Dress appropriately for outdoor weather according to time of year. We will sit down in the fields at times, it is advisable to wear waterproof trousers. Sturdy footwear is a must.


These workshops are not suitable for people with fears around horses, we recommend you attend a 1-1 session first to build your confidence up around horses.


Opportunity to join the herd top up days after completing this workshop (see below)


Bring your own lunch or we can provide lunch for £8.

Cost for the day £100 which is payable at time of booking


Check out calendar for dates! 



Herd top up days


These half days, lasting 4 hours are for people who have attended our retreats, herd days or enough   1-1’s to be confident and competent enough to work with the herd.


The time invites you to come and re-connect with the herd as you have before and tune back into the herds rhythm whilst spending time with them.


We are running these half days at different times of day throughout the year to give you different experiences with the herd.


See calendar for dates and times

Cost £70

Bring a snack


Dress appropriately for the time of year, waterproof trousers are recommended, sturdy footwear is a must. Full fee payable at time of booking.



A one day workshop exploring coming into body awareness.


Through a combination of working with horses and Pilates exercises this workshop will help you to:

Start to become aware of your body’s tensions, both subtle and obvious

Become aware of how you are feeling in the present moment

Work with the body using the information it gives you to help you on a physical and emotional level.


When you work with horses from the ground, not riding, they reflect back your internal state and behaviours allowing you to work on subtle levels to help gain awareness of how you are feeling in the moment. As our body responds to our emotional state we can often hold tension in the body related to something which has happened to us or even in everyday situations. By becoming more aware of yourself and recognising how you are responding you can start to actively change the way you hold yourself and respond to situations.


Intuitive Horse is teaming up with Glenda Petersen, Pilates teacher (http://abs-solutebalance.co.uk),to provide people with an experience of awareness on an emotional and physical level and provide you with some tools to take away from the workshop and continue using in everyday life. 

Start 10am finish 5pm

Email info@intuitivehorse.co.uk or ring 07825 036 301 to book.


Please wear sturdy footwear suitable for being on a farm and warm outdoor clothing. You may like to bring alternative footwear to wear indoors.             **No Horse experience necessary**

Please see calendar for dates





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