Welcome to Intuitive Horse

At Intuitive Horse we are passionate about 2 things, helping people and helping horses live authentically. Our aim is to empower both in their lives through the power of being in nature.


Intuitive Horse is Equine Assisted Personal Development through experiential learning.

We work with people from all walks of life to help them gain a deeper insight and understanding of themselves and horses, learn how to work with emotional awareness and a particular emphasis on learning how to quieten down the mind and 'be' in a present moment state.


We offer 3hr following the Herds' lead monthly classes 1-1 sessions, 3 day retreats,  3 day advanced retreats and Donkey time bespoke group and individual days/sessions. For those who already have horses in their life we have put together a new online course introducing some of our core IH techniques to help you with developing your relationship with your horse click here for more information Rewilding with my Horse. Please browse our site for more information.  


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